Friday, 27 September 2013

French Provincial house in Cambodia.

Hi all , sorry for the lack of quality posts for the last couple of weeks. I have been on holiday to Thailand Cambodia and Vietnam. I scheduled the last two posts just to keep the Blog alive and intend to post something more worthwhile in the next couple of weeks.

Some photos which I have taken while in Asia could be of interest for anyone with an interest in either the Vietnam conflict or possibly Pulp settings with all the Temples I visited.

This house we visited is owned by my Girlfriends family, but is due to be demolished by a Japanese company building a highway through the front Garden. Its in a pretty unstable condition at the moment and would cost quite a bit of money to put right. According to the old lady in her seventies (currently living there) she remembers it being built when she was a child. I guess that makes it a late forties early fifties build? which makes it relevant to the French buildings in Vietnam. We passed many buildings in both Cambodia and Vietnam which I would have loved to stop and taken photos of but we did not have time and were often traveling by bus.

I found a couple more photos which I had taken a couple of days earlier.


  1. Very nice - it's a shame it's up for demolition. If you're looking for colonial architecture in Cambodia then the best place to be is Battambang. I myself will be hunting for examples in southern Laos at the end of next month.

    Happy travelling.

  2. Yes thanks, I was in Battambang which is where this house is located. What with family and all the Temples to see it did not leave us much time to look for hobby related buildings. I do have photos of some other buildings which I will post later but not in as much detail as this.