Sunday, 1 September 2013

What to do next?

Since I have just about finished with Robin Hood I can afford to start something else, or on the other hand maybe I should finish another project instead? I have Vietnam started and would like to do a Demo game next year with it but want to do a smaller project in between. 

I set up a mixture of my modern/Future War terrain with my seaside from Dads Army plus my city boards which I did for FOW. The pier had warped and was meant to fit on a bigger table so cut a bit out of the pier and left a foot long section off. I also have not decided what to do about the ramp for the Life Guard boat as its a little bit too long.

I think this board would be ideal for testing out the Skirmish Sangin rules with my existing Future War figures or even my Zombies with ZTV. If I added some older buildings I can play IHMN. These buildings are just about to be built from some Dust Tactics plastic buildings which were originally bought for WW2. I guess I could even play Dieppe or something similar?

Please excuse the photography as my spare room has energy saving light bulbs.

Reminds me of Southend on Sea.

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