Saturday, 14 December 2013

Another Mega Blocks Black Pearl.

I have had some success bidding on a few items on Trademe (New Zealand only trading site).

I first won Legends of The High Seas in excellent condition for a good price. I have been searching for this a couple of years. Turns out I bought it from a Club mate but did not know until I won.

I then won a Playmobile Pirate ship which I had watched for a few auctions going unsold, but decided to get it even though I thought the price was too high. I was not sure of the scale but had seen one being converted on a Blog post somewhere. Same price as LoTHS actually so I don't know why I held back now.

I have just won a complete Mega Blocks Black Pearl for NZ $35. It seems complete as far as I can tell so am very happy. This will be made into the Black Pearl Pirate Ship.

The cost for the four Ships is about $150 NZ plus the cost of converting them which is much cheaper than buying four resin Ships which would be much smaller vessels.

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