Friday, 6 December 2013

I hate Nazi's

 The Archaeologist figure has been completed for months while I thought about a gang for him. He is a Copplestone figure with a WestWind head. The eight riflemen and Belgium Officer have been sitting on my desk cleaned up and based while I got distracted by other projects and was not quite sure what to do with them all. Then it hit me,  SA Troops conducting field trials on newly designed uniforms (sounds like a reasonable cover). Any treasure stumbled across (like the Ark of the Covenant) would of course be discreetly smuggled away. I then added a Foundry Officer figure (with Eagle insignia removed and lower pocket trimmed to an early pattern), a Pilot figure and the female Archaeologist converted from an Artizan figure.

Edit, since my friends keep referring to my Leader as Herr Flick and the Female as Helga, I have decided to rename them as such. I keep forgetting what their names are anyway!

So the gang so far comprises; 
Archaeologist's Fraulein Helga and Herr Pfister.
Designer/Diplomat Hugo Boche.
Airman Germann Hoering.
Oberleutnant Flick
Eight Riflemen.