Saturday, 10 January 2015

Games room - construction complete.

I am happy to say that the builder has completed his part of the construction. The plasterer has made one visit and is due in tomorrow to sand off. I have put two coats of undercoat on two external walls and the fascia, plus two white top coats on the fascia. I hope to start the top coats on two walls tomorrow.

I will have to fit the guttering and organise a drain layer and someone else to put in a new footpath.

I have an idea of what to buy for the carpet and blinds but will wait till I have painted internally before I organise them. I also have to get the electrician back in to finish off.


  1. Looking good. It's great when you can see the end in sight. I am just starting my gaming room project.

  2. Shaping up nicely. It'll look great when it's all finished.

  3. Yes, cannot wait for it to be finished which still seems ages away.