Sunday, 25 January 2015

Valleycon 2015

This weekend was the Upper Hutt Club, The Regiments annual Vallycon Tournament. Mate Ray had asked me to play in a Tomahawk and Muskets game which I had never played before. Unfortunately neither of us could make it on the Saturday but Ray, Michael and myself could play on the Sunday.

Ray asked me what side I wanted to play and I chose the British/settlers. It being almost the Anniversary of Isandlwana I was not expecting much success. The scenario and the figures were based on the Film of the Last of The Mohicans, which I have not seen for years but could remember the characters.

My role was to get the wagon with the Major and his daughters to the village. I also had to defend a watch Tower and the village. The game was lots of fun with our fortunes ebbing and flowing with myself just managing to hold out. I lost a burnt out building in the village plus I had the watch tower burnt out from under my troops. I almost lost all my Militia but a few held out. The remaining troops in the tower rushed out at the last minute and killed almost all the Indians which had been burning them out. My little Drummer boy being the Hero who killed a character who had an attack dice for each enemy he touched base to base. I thought it would be better to take him on one at a time which worked in the drummer boys favour. The whole game my wagon hardly moved but I held off the French irregulars and wore them down with my firing line. At the village last minute reserves of a Scottish unit saved the day by dealing with groups of Indians with a volley firing line.


  1. Great looking game Dan. It was a shame there were no evening games, as I would have liked more of a chance to check out what else was going on while I was getting dealt to at FoW :-)

  2. Thanks Paul, I forgot to mention that everything was painted and owned by Ray. I find it hard to see whats going on elsewhere when your in a Comp, I think thats why I like Demo games so much.


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