Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Helmet Cover and Hat.

Once again I find myself regretting Labelling my Militaria Posts as Collecting Vietnam.
I guess it would be too much work to go back and edit the Labels.

I saw that someone local was selling a Woodland Pattern Helmet Cover for a reasonable price. Since I had trouble finding one when I needed it last time and had to resort to Ebay, I thought  that I might as well buy it. It is the same as my previous Cover but the Date panel is very faded. I think it is dated 84 but will need an Ultraviolet light to see it properly. Now I am wondering if I should buy a Helmet for it?

I am planning a Holiday in the Sun at some stage so thought I'd get a Bush Hat to throw in my suitcase. I had a look online at a French version which I really liked and also the British Desert pattern . However I have a very large head and Hats often shrink so thought I'd have a look in the Local Comrades Army Surplus Store. They had a decent selection of Hats and one French version which was much too small. There were several of the British version in a range of sizes and ended up with a size 60cm, while my head measures 57. I hope that it is not too current and I end up upsetting another Tourist.

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