Thursday, 14 February 2013

I'm in a Wargaming Rut.

I've started this Blog in an effort to get out of the current rut I find myself in.

I think it all started when I pulled out of playing Flames of War in tournaments and Club games as well as a couple of friends moving away and end up only playing a couple of games a year.

 I've often tried to paint up new projects for other game systems but without the motivation to finish anything for a game I usually get distracted by something new.

I also spend way too much time on Forums without contributing anything constructive.

I have seriously given serious thought to selling everything up and dedicate my time to building a combined Scaletrix and railway layout. I think there would be a few issues with scale and space but it would be fun to do.

On the bright side though, I usually manage to put on a Demo game at Wellington Warlords Call to Arms each year with Wargaming mate Ray.

I think the best way of starting this is by posting some photos of past Demos followed by projects that I am currently working on.

And please bare with me as I have not created a Blog before.

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