Friday, 15 February 2013

Warlord Games

A new order from Warlord Games arrived today.

I ordered the Bolt Action rules with the German and American lists to see if I can get some games in at The Warlords Club. There seems to be some interest in these games on many forums I read.
All the books look really well produced as you would expect from Osprey. I have only had a flick through them so don't know how they will play yet.
I also bought two sets of the dice which with all the figures and vehicles I already own means I can provide everything needed to play which would be a first for me.

The two packets of Jungle grass are for Vietnam (another stalled project which I just restarted).

A packet of Indian heads and a set of Commando heads.
I will use the Indian heads for 14th Army conversions as I already have an Indian pattern Armoured Car and Early Stuart from Chieftan Models. These were given to me as a consolation when they messed up two orders before they disappeared. (Now I see how busy Paul Hicks is I understand why he had problems fulfilling orders)
The Commando heads are to fill some gaps in my Foundry Commandos platoon which have yet to be painted.
I will use an already bought set of Warlords plastic British Infantry for the conversions.

I also have a packet of flashing LEDs for my castle project but I think they look more like strobe lights rather than the candle light I was hoping they would pass for. Oh well I guess I can turn the Castle into a disco for my Zombie project.

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