Saturday, 30 November 2013

28mm WW2 Soviets

While downstairs in my gaming room looking for something, I noticed this forgotten project from this time last year. I wanted to do a big Late War game with a mate but we never got around to actually doing it. I had been inspired by another Bloggers project and wanted to copy oops I mean to do something similar.

I painted the Scouts first but had to order some more figures to complete the platoon so moved onto the Infantry. I wanted to make a rag tag look for them so added a few Partisan figures and an Artizan Leader. Not sure why I stopped doing this as I had enough figures to complete a Platoon. I also painted the Crusader gun and crew and then added a German crew made from Warlord plastics.

The NKVD section are figures I painted for a Stalingrad Demo game we put on years ago. I may rebase them as I don't like GW bases but am unsure if its worth the effort.


  1. Good looking minis! Nice job on the blue for the NKVD.

  2. Very well done. The German gun crew looks Ace! Nice idea.

  3. Thanks, I feel that BlackTree are great figures to paint despite looking a bit odd anatomically.