Saturday 2 November 2013

Black Dragon Tong

Well these are finished and I am pleased to say that I enjoyed painting them. I would have liked to spent more time on the skin but as I have a few more Chinese figures to paint I might end up going back and touch these up again. The bases are what they are as I did not really plan ahead but wanted a city feel to them, I think these have more of an Oriental Garden look to them which will fit in with my terrain plans.

 I touched up a couple of old figures to use as bystanders. Dr Jekyll has had his clothes repainted to look like The other Doctor. I will wait for more info before doing anything more to Scrooge other than repainting the edge of the base. They could both be used for a gang which I am thinking of doing.


  1. Great painting! I like the pained on copplestone bases.

  2. I think the bases nearly took as long as the figures to paint. Well it certainly felt like it.


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