Saturday, 16 November 2013

How I paint Flesh, without a wash.

I was asked on TMP by someone (who's name I now cannot recall) about how I paint flesh. Since I had these figures on my desk awaiting a gap in the queue, I thought that I should document the process. I also wanted to record this for myself as I had problems matching these figures to the earlier figures in my Pulp collection. I had made a mistake in the second skin layer and had to go back and repaint the figures which is annoying and is why the painting look a bit out of order in the photos.

I use GW's older paints for skin as I get a better result than using Vallejo paint. I have a good stock of these for the moment but will have to find equivalents at some stage. 

I start with a can of Black Automotive undercoat which may need to be touched up with GW Chaos Black. 

 I then roughly paint the flesh using Tanned Flesh trying to leave the eye sockets and gaps between fingers black.

I then mix a roughly 50/50 mix of Tanned Flesh and Dwarf Flesh and pick out the high points of the face, neck and hands.

I then use Dwarf Flesh to pick out the extreme high points on the face hands and dot the knuckles.

I then touch up the eye sockets and define the edges of the hands, weapons etc with black and put a small dot of white in each corner of the eyes. I often have to redo the eyes several times using black and white using a sharpened toothpick.

On other projects I also use Elf Flesh as a further highlight and don't always remember to paint in the eyes.
I will document my method of using a wash on the next batch of Robin Hood figures I paint.


  1. Except for the colours (I'm starting much darker) I use a quite similar approach. I paint the eyes first though as I don't have to touch up the skin again when painting over the eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have tried painting the eyes first but had problems putting them in the correct place. lol.