Saturday, 22 November 2014

Pulp Dwarf Gestapo (Hobbit Gestapo)

I bought these figures some years ago from Brigade Games but cannot remember who makes them.
They are actually 20mm but do not look like it. I thought they would do for Pulp Games and there are  another six figures, four of them seated which I don't know what to do with.

US Mortar Support

Well its been awhile since I painted any US units for Vietnam. I was a bit worried about matching the paint jobs on my previous efforts. My magic wash tub had dried out and GW has stopped selling the flesh colour that I had used. I think the finished figures are a little darker than the earlier figures but match well enough to game with.

Rambo was painted before I started wearing reading glasses to paint with and I was never happy with him. I repainted the flesh while I was doing the other figures and like him now. These figures are still done to a basic finish as I don't really think that I have time to do an expert job on them which they don't really need.

This is the complete Mortar Platoon with the previously done bases. Luckily I can tell the separate sections apart as one has an African American crew, one has a white crew and the last has a 50/50 mix. (I of course have listed them in reverse order just to be difficult). The Platoon Big Man is on a slightly larger base with some extras.

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Warlord Games NNC

I have just about finished the NNC from Warlord Games which just need the tufts and grass adding to the bases. I bought some Tufts from GW but have found that the glue they have used is not transparent. I am trying to find something the same colour as I don't want the bases too green. I cannot tell from photos if The Army Painters versions will match. ( I thought I was being smart by buying from a B and M store)

It might seem strange that I painted some NNC when I have another 6 Warlord Zulu Regiments and a Black Tree Regiment to paint? I figured that I would practice painting the shields and then select the ones I liked to use for the Zulus.

The Matt Brown spray paint that I had started to use on the first two units ran out. I then spent several weeks making enquires as to when they would be back in stock. About a month later I was told that they just had a restock on the other colours, but would no longer carry the Brown because of low demand for it.

I wonder what else could go wrong with this project? but this has given me time to do some more figures for Vietnam, and get interested in a Mad Max type truck game that fits into my Future War setting. More on that later.

Games room, waiting for the windows.

Well its been over a week since I reported about progress on my room. It has been half cladded as I am waiting on the windows. The iron roof has also been fitted but am waiting for the flashing to finish it off. There has been a bit of a delay as the building started a week after we got consent which was too fast for the window people to fit me into their busy schedule. Things should start moving again next week.

My Girlfriend has started to take over my old room and should be fully moved in by next weekend.