Saturday, 22 November 2014

US Mortar Support

Well its been awhile since I painted any US units for Vietnam. I was a bit worried about matching the paint jobs on my previous efforts. My magic wash tub had dried out and GW has stopped selling the flesh colour that I had used. I think the finished figures are a little darker than the earlier figures but match well enough to game with.

Rambo was painted before I started wearing reading glasses to paint with and I was never happy with him. I repainted the flesh while I was doing the other figures and like him now. These figures are still done to a basic finish as I don't really think that I have time to do an expert job on them which they don't really need.

This is the complete Mortar Platoon with the previously done bases. Luckily I can tell the separate sections apart as one has an African American crew, one has a white crew and the last has a 50/50 mix. (I of course have listed them in reverse order just to be difficult). The Platoon Big Man is on a slightly larger base with some extras.

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