Saturday, 15 November 2014

Warlord Games NNC

I have just about finished the NNC from Warlord Games which just need the tufts and grass adding to the bases. I bought some Tufts from GW but have found that the glue they have used is not transparent. I am trying to find something the same colour as I don't want the bases too green. I cannot tell from photos if The Army Painters versions will match. ( I thought I was being smart by buying from a B and M store)

It might seem strange that I painted some NNC when I have another 6 Warlord Zulu Regiments and a Black Tree Regiment to paint? I figured that I would practice painting the shields and then select the ones I liked to use for the Zulus.

The Matt Brown spray paint that I had started to use on the first two units ran out. I then spent several weeks making enquires as to when they would be back in stock. About a month later I was told that they just had a restock on the other colours, but would no longer carry the Brown because of low demand for it.

I wonder what else could go wrong with this project? but this has given me time to do some more figures for Vietnam, and get interested in a Mad Max type truck game that fits into my Future War setting. More on that later.


  1. More Zulus...err...I mean native allies. Great stuff - they look fantastic.

  2. Thanks Brian, I've just undercoated my next unit but cannot turn them out as fast as you manage to do.