Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Small Demons

I have just completed some small Demons/Monsters for Frostgrave from Reaper and Grenadier. The two Ghouls and the Serpent Man are from Grenadier and required stripping of the old paint jobs which quite easy. The Floating Polyp and the Formless Spawn are also from Grenadier. The Rat bases are from the new Reaper Bones range which I undercoated against the advice I've read and heard about but think they came out alright.

To be honest I am losing interest in Frostgrave as I have not had a chance to play with anyone. I may just finish painting all the older Monsters just to display in my cabinet and move onto another project fairly quickly. I am quite happy just plodding through my Vietnam lead pile so will continue doing that for the foreseeable future. I also found my box of my Congo vehicles which it turns out that I had reboxed into smaller boxes and put them with my 20mm WW2 collection.

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