Saturday, 5 December 2015

Webb Ellis Cup

I had a couple of items that I was going to post today but the events of last night would seem to be more newsworthy if you are a Rugby follower like me. I attended my works Christmas Function last night and was warned that the Web Ellis Cup was to be attending just before the posted time of the function starting. While waiting outside I was lucky enough to see Dane Cole the All Blacks Hooker and also of the local teams, The Hurricanes and Wellington Lions player walking into the venue carrying a small black box which looked like a speaker. Once inside the box turned out to be holding the Webb Ellis Cup. No security guard was required and everyone who was there had the opportunity to hold the Cup and have a photo taken. Later on the sales guys decided to fill it with beer and have a drink out of it.

I was under the impression that only the actual winners of the Cup are allowed to touch it, but being New Zealand traditions are soon ignored. I just checked online and found that indeed you are not allowed to touch the Cup.

"If you are going to any of these events, it’s worth checking with the local event hosts nearer the time to be sure no details have changed. And remember, you can have your picture taken BUT you can't pick it up, that privilege is purely for World Cup winners!"

I am now having a stupid and annoying online conversation on Facebook with my sister about how an Englishman is not supposed to be holding the Cup. Considering that I am a permanent NZ resident, had held a season pass to the Hurricanes and Wellington Lions for 11 years and only gave it up when my mate died (who I used to go with). I also pay through the nose for Sky to get the coverage of local games. I do like to follow English Sport, History and Culture as that is part of my heritage and interests me. My Sister however became an instant Kiwi at the age of seven and has no interest in her past. She is also a fair-weather supporter of Sport usually Football rather than Rugby. I alone seem to enjoy Rugby out of my family having played in School in England before we emigrated to NZ. Truth being I cannot control a round ball as I am rather top heavy with small legs so opted to play Rugby.


  1. Nice one! I think the not holding the cup thing is something that the players do to motivate themselves to 'earn the right' by winning it. It should be OK for normal people to touch it given the chance! I'm a kiwi in Japan, and we just went to watch one of the top league games last weekend in Osaka. It was a who's who of South African rugby - Heinrich Brussow, Etzebeth, Pollard, Jesse Kriel, plus a couple of others. Blokes on the sideline included Nick Mallet and Oz Du Randt! A fantastic day out for a $NZ20 ticket, and we could take in our own food and drinks, too.


    1. Sound like a good day out and better value than a trip to the Cake Tin in Wellington.

      Cheer Dan


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