Sunday, 13 December 2015

Latest Militaria

I have slowed down on collecting Militaria as I am finding that it is not easy getting the last items that I am after, and also explaining to the partner why I keep buying more old stuff to fill my room with.

First up a Vietnam era Aussie M56 pattern Water Bottle and cover.

Woodland pattern Jacket with patches that belong to a Drone piloting unit, if I did my research right.

Repro Tiger Stripe jacket and pants, from different manufacturers.

OG107 Vietnam era pants.

A green modern pants belt to use with my Woodland Uniforms. 
I also need a Black one for Vietnam era.

My partner attached an early type Army badge on my OG107 shirt.

I bought a complete M51 pattern entrenching tool but swapped the covers 
with my earlier pattern version as it looked nicer.

British 44 pattern belt in very good condition which was very cheap, bought online locally.

My partner gave me an old magazine rack for my room. 
I have not told her what I intended to display in it yet.

I really want a Woodland pattern Helmet cover for the Helmet that has the NZ pattern DPM cover on it already. I might end up buying the complete item though as there is a bunch available right now on the local trading site, but a bit more expensive than I want to pay. I am also thinking of getting a Repro K-pot and cover seeing as I have gotten interested in the Cold War era.

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