Sunday, 20 December 2015

Vietnamese Local Bar.

Just finished this little bar for my Vietnam setting. I've been thinking of a suitable name for it but have only thought of "The Tiger Wood Cocktail lounge". Sorry bad joke and rather out of date.

 It was made out of Foam Core and a sunbathing mat for the walls, and an old towel for the roof. The roof has come out a different colour to the other buildings which meant that I have not dry brushed it yet as I am deciding how much I like it.

The signs were copied from the internet but I had to go over the Coke sign with a marker pen to get it a brighter red. I also made some larger signs which are too big to fit to the building so I might save these for a more Urban setting. I was lucky to have made the roof in one piece which fits nicely over the front area and did not need glueing down. I was worried about it warping so am happy about how it looks. This meant that the little shop counter is accessible to fit figures in. I am intending to buy the Baker Company civilians at some stage to populate this. I should make a short time room to go out the back when I find time.


  1. Very nice I made some based on makatashis tea house designs. I may use this for some.

  2. Brilliant work - as usual.