Saturday, 18 June 2016

M113 WIP

I have not managed to do much for the most of this week as I had a bump on the head at work. I had trouble remembering things I'd just done so I did not feel much like painting. On Saturday I did manage to put some paint on some figures which felt like hard work so I did not accomplish much. I am returning to work on Monday so hope things go well.

The M113's have had paint and weathering powders applied and then I assembled the crew, guns etc. I am painting some passengers and equipment at the moment so hopefully will be able to assemble everything by next Sunday fingers crossed. I have not decided about marking them up yet.

The spare equipment was superglued onto thin plastic card to make handling and painting easier.

All six M113's together. The TAG versions are now obviously bigger than the others when side by side so I will try and use them separately on the table. The M577 will be used as a FDC track rather than a Hq track and the Mortar track will be back with the other Mortars most of the time.

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