Saturday, 19 November 2016

Unmarried Zulu Regiment UmHlanga

I had a few conundrums with this unit. The first one was that when I googled the name I found just about every image was of the Reed Ceremony. Not that I am complaining but its not really what I was looking for (lucky King). The next one was lack of any references as to the likely headdress worn. I thought that I had found some references awhile ago but cannot find now other than Black and White Ostrich Feathers. I had an indication that the shield was white with black spots. Now being an unmarried Regiment I went with black Shield with white spots instead.

Some of you may have heard that we had an Earthquake last week at 12.06 Sunday night.  I got out of bed and sheltered in a doorway and then thought my TV was about to fall off a cabinet if the shaking continued. So I stood leaning against the wall and holding the TV. I was only wearing a Tee shirt so didn't want broken glass on the floor. No damage at all locally but the City has had a few buildings fail but no loss of life. There are major issues down South that will require quite a bit of work to correct plus two deaths. Work has been busy when we are allowed to go into buildings to inspect equipment plus the normal work just carries on.


  1. Save the TV! These are lovely. Glad you are OK.

  2. Good to hear your models came through unscathed as well :) Another lovely Zulu regiment. How many is that now?

  3. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Brian this is the 8th Zulu regiment and I also have one of NNC which I am thinking of splitting into either two or three units.

  4. That is eighteen units between us. Want to do a game some time before we both go senile?

    1. Hi Brian a game would be a great idea. Do you have anything in mind?

  5. Nice work on the zulus! And glad to hear all is well at home.


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