Saturday, 31 December 2016


I have not touched my finished models or spent much time in my games room for about a month. I seem to lack the desire for them at the moment. However as the weather has been a bit unpredictable over the Summer break, I spend one day working outside and the next sat at my desk finishing some items off while watching repeats on TV.  I have finished off the Drum Set which may be a little too small. I guess you have to use anything in a Zombie outbreak, even a child's Drum Set. I also made some speakers out of spare blocks of Lego and some Air-con units also made out of Lego. The guy who made the Spector scenery gave me the inspiration for these.

Getting a bit tired of the repeats I ventured outside to my games room with no intention of doing anything other than looking around. I then decided that I should try and finish off the game I had been playing so I could go on to do something else. I then spent about three very enjoyable hours throwing dice around and trying to work out situations using Bolt Action that I would think that have never come up before.

This young Lady fought off the Tracker Dog twice in Hand to Hand combat, and then shot it twice causing a pin. The bikers in the Bar behind then further pinned it until it was inoperable and it was then captured.

I had to work out how these Cyber Females were to assault the Leopard Tank which was then pinned and unable to move. They were not able to damage it due to bad rolling but were very close to doing so. Meanwhile three heavy Walkers with Twin Flame throwers (out of shot) wanted to flame the Cyber Females but were worried about damaging the Tank. As it was the end of the game I just went and did it. Six shots were taken on the Females and six on the tank. Six Females were killed and the Tank was severely pinned. I guess it will need a new crew and a paint job before the next game.

In the above and below pictures I am trying out locations for the Air-con Units before I glue them down.

The next game I have set up features a Concert for the Survivors of the Invasion of the Terminators. Which I have named WADESTOCK. It has a heavy Police presence in case of over excitement or other trouble. Meanwhile the people responsible for the Rise of the Machines (am I allowed to say that?) are being punished interrogated but I forgot to take a photo of it. It involves being tied up on a rooftop with a spa pool.

Just in shot are the containers that are holding the Zombies in Cold Storage. I wonder if anyone has remembered to check the levels of Diesel in the Tanks for the Generators in all the excitment? I have printed out Akulas AR:SE rules to try out as they look like fun.

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