Saturday, 1 April 2017

Zulus, undreds of em.

Well to be precise 299 of them were used.

I've finally gotten around to putting down my drop cloth that I had spray painted sometime before Christmas. At first I thought that it was a bit too brown, but luckily the Top Gear episode where they were looking for the source of the Nile was on TV while I was setting up. The scenery was exactly like my drop cloth in parts so I was happy to not have to do more painting on it. (The photos make it looked a bit washed out).

I don't have much scenery suitable for Zululand at the moment so just put down what I had. I also don't have any British other than NNC so just used my British Napoleonic Marines and Sailors.

The above photos were taken last weekend and I have since rearranged the Zulus into their respective formations used at Isandlawana. I then had a go at learning Black Powder. I have used these rules at the Warlords Wargaming Club, and at the Waterloo refight but that was with some-one else prodding me every time I needed to do something so have not really got a grasp of them yet.

I am sure others have experienced the frustrations of the command phase. To me it seemed next to impossible to do anything as I have never thrown so many tens in my life. The right horn only succeeded in getting into the attack because of Blunders and the reserve only moved once the compound had been taken. I may have a rethink about the two units of skirmishers as they seemed to be useless and may use them as small units instead. I also could not find much use for the Commanders of each force so will have to do some research into the rules. I guess if I was playing with someone who knows the rules it would have been a good laugh so won't give up on learning them yet.

If you can see anything wrong with my organisation please point them out.

The British.


NNC,  two units plus Cannon with Officer.

Marines,  two units with officer.

Sailors, one tiny unit with cannon with leading Seaman.


Zulu Commander

Left Horn, one skirmisher unit and one regiment with commander.

Right Horn, one skirmisher unit and one regiment with commander.

Head, three Regiments with commander.

Reserve, four regiments with commander.

I need to paint another regiment for each Horn and the Head.


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