Monday, 15 January 2018

Miscellaneous Pulp figures

Since its been awhile that I have posted I thought I'd put a couple of photos up. Since I am about to base some Command figures for my AZW collection and will base the two unfinished figures shown here with them. I am not making much actual progress on anything at the moment as its too hot to sit down and paint.  I am also repainting the kitchen which is taking much longer then anticipated. I was thinking of getting a Tee Shirt made up that says "Sorry my Army is not fully painted for the Convention,  my Partner thinks the Kitchen is more important" Lol. Hope she does not read this.

First up a Night-gaunt and a wolf. The Night-gaunt is to go into my Cult Gang for Pulp Alley. From memory a Night-gaunt invades your dreams and tickles you. I have selected a couple of suitable stats for the rules which I have written down, somewhere. Wolf is to go with The Phantom as Devil but I have not decided if I want to buy some Pygmies to go with him for a gang, or use some British Soldiers instead? I have the Sergeants pack from Pulp so will probably go that route. The Night-gaunt was given to me with a load of other figures from the same range but had to be stripped first. I may dry brush some more flesh on the wings as I don't think it stands out enough. I am really pleased with Devil but he has not been sealed yet.

Tarzan, Jane and The Phantom are next. The first two were painted over ten years ago but I was not happy with them so stripped and repainted. I'm not that delighted with them this time either but they will do. I forgot again to fill the large gash in Jane's left shoulder this time around as well! I may use them with my Carrion Crew as Ugh the Jungle Boy and Leda played by Valerie Leon. The Phantom has a pin head which I nearly replaced but did not think it was worth the effort. He came out pretty well despite that, I think.

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