Saturday, 10 February 2018

Building for Beersheba

I am planning to do a Demo game about the Battle of Beersheba on this coming ANZAC Day. I have most of the buildings I think that I will need but a couple more will not be a wasted effort.

This first Building is very loosely based on some of the infrastructure which the Germans built for the Railway system. The Buildings were built in a European style which at first look may seem a bit odd in this setting. The water was raised by Kerosene powered pumps which were housed in the buildings.


 I have made a trough on the higher level with a pipe, which has a gate to allow water to build up before being allowed to flow to the lower level. All parts for this were from the spares box. The hill was originally made for Vietnam years ago before I decided to put hills under the drop cloth. The roof was just thin plastic card, scribed and then cut into strips. The painting of the roof was a happy accident when I over thinned the paint. The flowing water was made out of clear sprue, heated and then stretched and bent into shape.

The next building is an Airfix resin building which I got on sale. It lacks some detail so I added doors and frames from Balsa wood. I also added some Granny Grate for the smaller windows.

The well was made from plastic card bent around some mdf rings that I had drilled out for some reason years ago.


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