Saturday, 4 August 2018

Last of the 24th Infantry

I say the last but I still have odds and ends like casualty markers and some rear area types to be painted. I may at some stage add more Rifle Companies as I have a box of Perry figures which will be painted as Rifles, but have no more Black Tree Infantry figures to paint.

I was supposed to be putting on a Demo game at Call to Arms this weekend, but with the project still only about 80% done and my friends unable to attend the whole weekend. I felt it better to cancel this time around. I also felt that if I did go ahead with the Demo I'd be disappointed with it and would not do another one and would put on something else next time.

I went to the event on Saturday and found it very well attended with quite a few Demo games going on. I only bought one item which is a 28mm MDF Church made by a local company called Battle Kiwi. I intend it to be painted for my Dads Army project which of course will work for other European settings. I spent two hours at the event catching up with a few people and looking around the tables but did not take any photos. When looking through the retailers items I had a chat with an old acquaintance. I said "Normally I see possibilities, now I only see things that I need to hide in the back room". I wonder if thats an omen?

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