Saturday, 11 August 2018

Battle for Berlin - Command figures.

This is the first batch of figures for The Battle for Berlin. The figures are a mix of different ranges; Warlord, Great Escape Games, Old Glory and Wargames Foundry. Other batches will have a different mix of ranges which I will mention at the time of posting. The next batch will also have more HQ figures and Tank Hunters.

I took so many photos as I was too heavy handed with the Dull Coat and the figures look very glossy. This made taking decent photos very difficult. I will probably go back with some matt varnish later if the gloss does not flatten with time. The Officer looks like I had painted him with a house brush and used one colour. In reality the Hat and Tunic have a wash and highlights which you can't really see.

From left to right. Sniper (Krummlauf Assault Rifle). NSDAP Official, 2 Tank Hunters and Medic. Hmg team (Old Glory) with extra crew from Foundry (which are showing their age a bit). I added the extra figures as some rule sets like Chain of Command are more accurate in the levels of crew required. The two Old Glory figures had their equipment removed and replaced with some plastic Warlord bits. One also has a new Warlord Head. I may add an extra figure to the Sniper if I can find one that looks suitable.

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