Friday, 30 May 2014

Egyptian Pulp items finished.

I have just finished a few items for my Pulp collection.

A couple of Gong farmers and a man on a bed of nails from Eureka.

Three Ladies from the Egyptian Harem Kickstarter and one from Reaper. (You can see the difference in size which is why I did not buy anything else from the Kickstarter).

A driver and passenger from RAFM which must be really old Bob Murch sculpts. The driver is quite poor and needed bulking out with Greenstuff and a new head. The other figure is really nice and up to his current standards. These are to go into a Truck similar to the one in the Indiana Jones Movie.

I also made a couple of additions to fit into my underground temple out of Hirst Arts molds. I am sure I used the same paints and wash that I had used on my earlier build, but the colour has come out different! It may need another coat of the wash?


  1. Nice work, love the flesh tones - although I see what you mean about that Kickstarter figure. With a different paint job it could serve as a statue...

  2. Cheers but the tall figure is from Reaper, the other three are from the kickstarter. I should have posted a normal sized figure as a comparison. The left three are tiny while the reaper figure is just a bit on the large size.