Monday, 5 May 2014

African ImagiNation, another batch done.

I have finished off the Half Tracks which I had previously posted WIP's of. There is also a Follow me Jeep which looks a bit odd on a grey base which will match the runway. I did not see the point of putting it on a matching base to the others and expect the other airfield vehicles will be similarly based. I also made searchlight entirely made of bits from the spares box.

As there has been a lack of decent sun lately I have used my desk to take the photos on.

 These will be the last for awhile as need to get some other things done for a Demo game that I am planning with a couple of friends. These take so long to assemble and correct that I am falling behind with all my other projects.

These are the finished units so far. An Indian UN AA and AT section plus a Belgium Tank section with a Heavy Artillery gun. The bull dozer and M48 are to be repainted or modified later.

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  1. Great work! I especially like the follow me jeep. Something you don't see that often on the table.


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