Monday, 12 May 2014

Pulp Alley - Test game.

Last weekend we had a chance to play around with the Pulp Alley Rules.
We are planning on putting on a Demo game at the Wellington Warlords, Call to Arms Wargaming Convention. I took a few photos of some terrain I had thrown together for the occasion.
I like the rules which flow well, but of course we had a few questions which we seem to have sorted out by reading in more depth and by also looking at the Forum.

The table as first set out. I added some more greenery and reset the pier after Googling images of the Nile.

I also took a couple of photos of some WIP's. The plaster bits are Dioramas to fit inside the Cavern. The boat is a long delayed build which I started the same time as the Armed Trawler.


  1. Nice set up. I hope to get a game of Pulp Alley in soon.

  2. Whotta GREAT Table!!

    Hope you had fun!!