Sunday, 2 August 2015

WIP's for Vietnam Demo Game.

I seem to be working on a few different things in a rush to get things finished for the  Call to Arms Convention. Happily I am ahead of where I planned to be so may have time to paint an extra VC squad, but I will see how time goes on the other bits first.

I have been working on a F5-A Freedom fighter and should be adding the decals tonight.

I also have some huts made but am undecided as I need to add some more details, or if they look good as is? I like the fact that I don't have to paint the Bamboo poles or the matting that was used to make the walls. I first made a foamcore box and then glued the matting to that. I deliberately did not cut out the windows as we intend to hide Rice caches (or weapons if I get around to making markers for those as well) inside.

The thatched roofs were made out of an old towel soaked in a paint and PVA mix and then dropped over a cardboard former. I later dry brushed lighter colours over the top. I feel that they should be more whiter but they don't look so bad to overly worry me. The Tin roof was made out of corrugated card and painted with a leftover spray can which was used on my old car.

I also spent some time painting two coats of Varnish on my rivers and then added some spring growth flock on the riverbanks.

I am pretty pleased with how everything is coming together at the moment.


  1. It all looks very good. Is the F5 a plastic kit or die-cast?

    1. It is a really old Italaerei I bought second hand but unmade.

  2. Looks great. Wonderful work.