Saturday, 25 July 2015

Armageddon Wellington 2015

I was thinking about going to Armageddon again this year but did not find someone to go with. A few days before the event my boss rang me and asked what this show was all about? Turned out we were supplying a printer, which the organisers were going to use to print out some character cards for the Cosplayers. They would then use these to swap with each other and would need updating during the event. I was asked if I wanted to be on call in case of breakdowns and was given a free pass for the event. I am happy to say that things worked well and that I did not get called out.

I spent a few hours on Sunday afternoon looking around and taking photos. The Cosplayers spend an awful amount of time on these costumes, but there seemed to be no area set aside for displaying the Cosplayers for the public to photograph other than the competition at the end. Unless I am blind and missed it? I am not as forward as some people so just took photos when the opportunity presented itself. I'd have liked to take a photo in particular of a lady in a Judge Dread outfit but she hurried past me about three times. Everyone was happy to oblige in having their photo taken though.

I bumped into a friend from Wellington Warlords who complemented me on my Blog Posts, in particular my Aircraft stands. Its pleasing for me to know that people are reading even though I don't know who exactly it is reading my Blog.

I have an old Sisters of Battle Army so took lots of photos of this Cosplayer. I think I have seen photos of her in other events overseas.

I had to buy this Tee shirt.

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  1. Nice photos! My wife and I attend a number of SF/Fantasy cons around the US and see and know a lot of wonderful cosplayers. Usually there's some kind of area set aside for photographs of cosplayers who are pleased to show off their work. I'm surprised there's no similar provision at Armageddon.


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