Saturday, 8 August 2015

Last photos before The Charlie don't Surf Demo game.

Well I am happy so say that I have finished painting everything a week before the Call to Arms Convention. I spent most of today (Sunday) putting everything away which included cutting up foam slabs to house the Helicopters in safety and also boxed the houses and civilians which are a bit tricky to transport. I feel mentally exhausted but I am sure I have done everything including mapping the terrain to make this a success. I took a few photos of the latest items painted.

I finished the basing on the two Tarts, (well they are mounted on $1 Hong Kong coins) and the Monk. He is a giant size figure so its good he is squatting down and was a tourist souvenir from Thailand. They are originally from my Pulp collection. I nearly painted some clothing on the ladies legs to suit Vietnamese culture but decided to leave them as is.

Some smoke markers, or pretty trees as my partner called them. I should have gone with yellow instead of the green as yellow would stand out better in the jungle.

Free World Forces
VC forces.
AA gun and AT team with converted no 2's.

Company Command stand with 2nd platoon Command and Commissar

1st section 2nd platoon.

1st section 2nd platoon.
This is the second week I have used my iMac with upgraded photo software, and I really hate it!! why use a program meant for a phone? I am really unimpressed with this move by Apple. Or am I supposed to buy a better program from them? I have Olympus software on here so may try using that instead but the older Mac software was really good to use when editing photos.

 Sorry about the rant but guess that I not the only modeller who feels this way.


  1. Great looking stuff Dan. It should really be a really impressive looking game.

  2. We saw the game table that looked awesome. But too busy with Warhammer 40k to be able to talk. Looked fantastic.


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