Saturday, 22 August 2015

Having a look at Frostgrave

I received my copy of Frostgrave just before the weekend I put the Vietnam Demo game on. I did not really have time to look at the book properly at the time but have read it through from cover to cover several times now. I bought the rulebook with a box of plastic soldiers, The Necromancer and Sigilist Wizards. I really like the plastic figures as they look very solid and should handle gaming quite well. They are nearer the stature of the Warlord Plastics rather than GW figures so its hard to mix parts with other makes. I don't have any Fire Forge figures so cannot make a comparison with them. I have tried some heads from Wargames Factory which look like they would work ok but did not want to use their weapons or arms.
I have the Necromancer group in the garage being undercoated right now so don't have any pic's. I have used some figures of some other ranges and will post pictures when they are finished.

I've not had a chance to get into my room since the convention as the walkway has been dug out leaving a sea of mud. It was probably the wettest day of the year when they did it.

So to keep myself occupied I found a destroyed Castle gateway in a Pet store. It was really hollow and would have done as is, but me being me I wanted to detail it a bit. I filled out some of the interior space with blue foam and will need to find a builders version of Green Stuff to fill in the large gaps.

In my room I have some of the old GW ruined Church model which does not really get used at all, so when I can get back in there I will add some of the snow I bought from Gale Force Nine. I also dug out some old GW and Grenadier Monsters I have stored away. This project looks like a lot of fun and makes up for me never playing Mordheim or Dungeons and Dragons.

Also on the workbench are another section of VC and some Spanish Artillery to finish off my Spanish Nap Brigade for Black Powder. I was also looking at painting a Rasta gang for fighting Zombies as my mates were using the same HassleFree figures at the convention I own so want a different looking group to use. I seem to be in my unfocused post Convention mood at the moment as I just want to paint everything that has been put aside for various reasons.  I won't get focused again until I decide what Demo game I want to put on next which could possibly be "Zulu".


  1. I'm curious to hear what you think of Frostgrave after you've had a chance to give it a few games. It's on my "watch" list right now.

  2. At one of my local Clubs they say its very silly and loads of fun. Hopefully I can get to join in a campaign so can report back.

  3. Dan, Hutt club is playing a bit of Frostgrave at the moment. Its hilarious. Head out to the club on Saturday if you can make it and we'll probably be playing some.


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