Friday, 5 September 2014

Warlords WW1 Tanks.

I have just received a German A7V and a Male Mark IV tank from Warlord. I have not seen any reviews of them yet so thought I'd post some pictures. Unfortunately I seem to have two right hand rails for the unhitching beam of the Mark IV Tank. I could easily just cut off the mounting blocks and reverse them but have emailed Warlord to see if I can get the correct part sent.

I have not thought through at what level I want to do WW1 but fancy doing Villers Bretonneux. This will require 1 Male MK IV, 2 MK IV Females, 7 Whippets and three A7V's. Plus guns and Infantry.
I am playtesting some rules to see if its worth buying all those Tanks. So far I have tried and dismissed Great War Rules by Warhammer Historical. I felt that these were too slow and not much fun. I also have the mods written by GAJO Games for Bolt Action which seem to work well and are fun to play. I made one change by using a deck of cards to determine which unit moves/fires etc.

I also received my fourth ruined house kit. I had previously thought these were too small to match my WW2 houses, but will be ideal for making ruined houses for WW1. These will be mainly to block line of sight and match the smaller 1/56th scale tanks. (I use mainly1/48th for WW2)

Years ago I had an A7V from Tony Ashcroft but sold it off with my Old Glory Germans. I wish I could give a comparisson as that was a really good model and painted up well. I hope the new owner is enjoying using it still.


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