Saturday, 7 March 2015

Games room table installed.

On Saturday I finished installing the carpet tiles. It was an easy job even though matching the patterns of each of the six boxes took a bit of effort.

 As the weather was too foul to paint yesterday I instead moved the table and a couple of display cabinets into the room.  I have changed my mind of how to arrange the room as I found that I have over 1.3 meters either side of the table and 600 to the nearest window. I need to make a couple of bench tops next so I have somewhere to temporarily put the TV on, which will also give me some storage room behind and will leave about 700mm to the table once installed. Today was really nice and sunny so I finished some wall painting outside and undercoated the inner part of the roof over the walkway.

I am really loving that green paint and may use it on my table top at some point.


  1. I also prefer the wall green to the table top green.

    -- Jeff

  2. Excellent! Yes, the wall green does look better than the tabletop.

  3. Looking good! Very spacious too. It's always nice to be able to move around easily and throw your arms up in disgust at poor dice rolling :-)

  4. I mixed the paint for the table in about late 87 when my brother and I built it. So it has served its purpose well. These days I use a drop cloth so it really is not that important what colour it is but I may just repaint it.
    I have to wait and see how much room I'm left with once the couch and the other shelving has been moved in.


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