Friday, 27 March 2015

28mm Helicopter stands.

I have been scratching my head about how to mount my Metal Helicopters safely for several years. I have heard of people using plastic wine glasses. I have not seen anything like what I thought they should look like until I saw some cheap party glasses. The glasses have separate bases which I left off and fitted a cut down rivet into the top which fits nicely into the screw hole of the Cobra I am using. I will drill similar sized holes in the other metal and plastic Helos I have.

Of course these will do for landing Helos so I will need something a bit taller for higher flying aircraft as these are no higher than my trees. Somewhere in my spare room are some TV aerials which I want to try and fit to a glass.


  1. Great solution dude! Where do you get your 28mm helicopters from? I'm really struggling to find any, especially civilian.

  2. Hi Bob, I bought them on Ebay years ago before the prices went a bit silly. You can find loads of the Corgi Cobras on Ebay at a good price but the Hueys are going for double what I paid for them,


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