Saturday, 30 April 2016

Latest Militaria acquisitions.

I have just about bought all the items that I have planned to buy, although there are items I'd love to have but are a bit too expensive for me to bid on at the moment. I may see if I can save some money for the big ticket items like a Flak Vest and some Jungle boots or even one of the packs worn in Vietnam, but I don't really need these items. I have just bought some Jungle Pants which are the only ones I've seen on Trademe in a year of looking. They are a bit worn and faded and look like they have just come out of a washing machine as they are all wrinkled up. I can now put on a full uniform for Vietnam but would have to wear Doc Marten boots. I've been looking for some Jungle boots but never seem to find the correct size.

I have been looking for a decent Woodland Pattern Helmet cover for awhile and found one on Ebay from the mid eighties in very good condition. This is a cotton cover with all the correct markings on it.

I also recently won a 65 Dated Helmet and liner from Trademe. I only realised that it is missing the headband when it arrived. I have stuck the Woodland cover on it and will look for a later dated Head band for it.

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