Sunday, 3 April 2016

I am going Commando.

Lately I have visited Valleycon and then a Club day of the Regiment Wargames Club. There seems to be quite a bit of interest in Bolt Action so I thought that I would have a go at putting together an Army just in case I get organised enough to involve myself in a Competition. I have plenty of WWII figures and Tanks painted already but I'd rather keep these for private games as Competitions can be very hard on figures unless properly varnished and based.

The Commandos are mainly from The Wargames Foundry with a handful of Westwind, Crusader and Artisan figures to make up the numbers. I have used the list from the British supplement which means that no vehicles will be taken. That means no truck full of SMG armed Commandos that I have heard about being used.

I bought these figures to use with my Dads Army project but never got around to painting them up in time for the Demo we did. I had two ATRs in that game so have borrowed one of them for this which meant a little bit of repainting was required.

I was really pleased with how this was going until I varnished the figures. I first put a coat of Future Floor polish on the figures as there are rank chevrons on two of the figures, and I wanted to see the difference as I usually just matt Varnish. I then had to spray matt Varnish twice and then touch them up with matt Varnish by hand. The result was I lost just about all the highlighting that I had done. They should be well protected now at least and I might do some more highlighting on these when I do my next section. I was initially really pleased with the Assault pack but it now looks like I hadn't bothered at all.

In a plastic box shop I found this divided container which is just the right size to hold a few figures. There is room to slip a magnetic sheet under the dividers as well. I will buy another two which should  be enough to hold this Army in.

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