Saturday, 29 October 2016

Terrain additions to Future Wars

It may seem that I have been a bit slack on the modelling side but have in fact been quite busy. I've been pottering away at getting a bit of terrain made which means working in my games room at the weekend, which does not really have enough light to work with. I've also had to wait for PVA glue to dry which means leaving items over night to set. Things have been a bit stretched out and have lead me to make a few mistakes, or should I say its been a learning experience?

The first item is a foot bridge made from some bits and pieces I picked up from the railway shop. I made the mistake of undercoating the whole thing in grey undercoat spray. It was later that I thought I'd have trouble painting the handrails which are a weird plastic like rubber material. I then masked the bridge off and undercoated the rails black and then sprayed them dark green.

While I was thinking about how to make some stairs to connect the bridge to the ground I also put together a set of fuel storage containers made out of large biscuit tins. I first tried to glue the open ended cans down onto a piece of cork tile. Unfortunately this only lasted about two minutes of handling. I then hot glued the lids onto a piece of hardboard. I had pre-painted the cans and attached everything. Learning from my previous mistake I also pre-painted the rails. The working platform is made out of cork tile with the top surface from a Dust Tactics walkway glued down. When I moved the tanks into the house to make some details I found that the warm room made the railings warp. They returned to almost straight when they went back into the cold games room but may be a problem in the summer or if I take them to a convention for a Demo game.

Returning to the foot bridge I wanted to add a few details and some lighting. The local Toy shop had a 20% sale on some Siku items so I picked up a set of street lamps. I have used the smaller lamps as the square items are very large. I also made a few details to add to some other buildings and general street fittings. The Fan units were made from some Airfix landing craft propellers in a bit of plastic tubing mounted on a Goblin shield. I only matt sprayed the lamp poles and yellow railings and then painted details on afterwards leaving the original colour as a base.

Getting back to the stairs I made two sets out of cork tile. They were meant to be made as mirror images but I thought that I had cut them wrong (smooth side out) and assembled them the same way. It was only when I brought them into the house that I realised that I had in fact cut them correctly so one is smooth side in and the other smooth side out.

I think that they look alright despite the cock-up.

Added details
I also put together a building from Minibits. It is a touch lower and more Sci-fi than my other buildings but I like it and may get some of the others they make. I did not like the options for the windows so added granny gate painted black and then attached with double sided tape. I'm still thinking of adding some internal details.

While I was painting these small items I also painted up some Petrol cans to attach to my M113's. They are meant to identify the vehicles using binary numbering as I cannot remember which is which until I locate some decals for them.


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