Saturday, 15 October 2016

Zulu Command stands

I have just finished all the command figures that I had in my stock of Zulu figures. Most of the figures are from Black Tree, three are from Empress and two Foundry youths. This may be more figures than I actually need for Black Powder but I am thinking ahead as I hope there will some official AZW rules for Sharp Practice.

I painted these to my usual standard for this Army and then matt varnished them which I did not bother doing on the plastic figures. I then noticed that the wash did not have the same effect on the skin tones. I then put them aside as I really did not want to go back and highlight everything again.
In the meantime I went and looked at Wargaming with Silver Whistle and 28mm Victorian Warfares sites for a bit of inspiration. After looking at these gentlemen's excellent work I decided that I was being lazy. First step I then did was paint a highlight of GW Dryad Bark which was pretty much the same as the base colour. Next day after thinking about it a bit more I added about 20% Dwarf flesh and then had another go at highlighting. I think the figures are now much improved but the effect is very subtle.

Two Isangoma's

Two youths chasing Guinea Fowl

The stands below start with the most Junior Leaders on the smaller bases which increase as the leadership value rises. The costumes also get plainer as they rise.

The Army Commander reminds me of the current King HM Goodwill Zwelithini kaCyprian which was a good enough reason to use him instead of the Empress figure.         

All command stands


  1. They look superb, excellent job!

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  3. We have got to have a game mate.

    1. Hi Brian, I am hoping to have enough done by Call to Arms next year to put on a Demo. We could have a really BIG game if we combined forces.


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