Sunday, 23 October 2016

A few more Militaria items

This latest batch has cost me hardly anything due to the generosity of some friends and a bit of luck.

This West German Army jacket was owned by a workmate from the Philippines. I can't really believe that he actually wore it as casual wear as its quite heavy and must have been very warm. There are a couple of missing buttons and he removed the labels but is otherwise in very good condition. 
(I cannot  accurately identify the jacket because of the missing labels.)

The last M1 Helmet that I bought was missing the headband. I have managed to buy one quite cheaply in good condition.

This Vietnamese Helmet was given to me by my partners boss. It came from the same American Serviceman whose uniform she had passed onto me. I have no idea if it is five or 25 years old. I suspect that it would be no older than 10.

This M88 style Helmet cover came with the M1 helmet shown above. I have no idea if it is just a paint ballers copy or it is in fact real. I have been following an auction for a real helmet and suspect that I will just buy a plastic imitation one for it as I don't want to spend over $200 for a helmet.

This jacket was on sale online for NZ$29.00.
It was so cheap that I could not resist buying it. 
Good condition but needs a wash.

This British combat pullover (correct name?) I bought a few years ago as I was inspired by Prince Harry to get one. Unfortunately it turned out to be too small for me and would be uncomfortable to wear because of the material and the large velcro patches on the arms. Its been hiding in the spare room but as my collection is getting more international I felt like putting it with the rest of the gear I have collected.

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