Saturday, 10 March 2018

Aussie HMG's and an 18 pounder

I've had this 18 pdr in my lead pile for a few years so it was good to get it out and get it painted finally. I am not happy with the shirts as I have made them too bright. The gun came out really good as I had sealed it and then went over that to do the rusty wheel rims and a lighter shade of Green on the gun itself. Bought from Gripping Beast.

These HMG's were originally painted to go into the backs of some Corgi Trucks for my Dinosaur Hunters Army for Back of Beyond gaming. They had a few outings but the Army was never really completed. I am really pleased with the paint on these as it was over ten years ago and before I had to wear reading glasses for painting. I even managed to paint the brass buttons rather neatly. Being Brigade games figures they are rather chunky and the details are easy to see. I also did a few head swaps to add some variety. For use in WW1 I have changed the bases from wooden planks to Arid dusty terrain. The first was modified to look like a hasty AA gun. I think I got the shirts the correct colour this time.

This Rendra camp fire had a Spit Roast handle and supports added from twisted wire and Brass Rod.


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