Saturday, 21 April 2018

Bolt Action Dice Box

Today I put on a Demo game of Bolt Action on at the Local Scale Models Expo. The game is using an adaption of the rules for Vietnam which I found on a Blog. As there is still another day to go I will write the game up later.

What I wanted to talk about is I had an idea for a container to use for holding the Bolt Action Dice. I had been using an old plastic Toner container at home and thought I'd better find something better looking for this Public game. I had a look around the Local Comrades Army Surplus store but could find nothing suitable for Vietnam. I first looked closely at a Billie tin which came in too sizes but felt like they looked a bit rubbish. I then found a German Army style Mess kit for only NZ$26. I think that it is actually an Austrian version as there are many versions of these made Post War. I showed it to my partner who said that they used them in her Refugee Camp in Thailand (she is from Cambodia). I then did some more googling and found that the North Vietnamese had a similar style but with folding metal handles on the front. It felt a bit sticky inside from which I presume is from cooking oil. I tried three different ways of cleaning this but was not really happy so instead lined it with some Yoga Mat material which also quietened it down when shaking the dice up. It has worked out really well and a Gamer said he would copy the idea so I thought I'd better post it first. Haha. The bottom container can hold two tape measures plus four sets of Bolt Action dice. The smaller container holds a few sets of GW dice and some pin/hit markers. The lid is useful to put the pin/hit markers in when playing a game.

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