Sunday, 1 April 2018

Chain of Command Patrol and Jump Off Point markers.

I had some fun painting these markers.

First up I have read the Rule Book several times but have not had a game yet.

First off I undercoated the top surfaces with white primer and then filled in all the details. I had some issues getting paint into the recesses and now wonder if I would have been better off either priming the surface Black or trying to run some Black Ink into them. I then sealed the tops with Dull Coat. After that I turned them over and then painted them with some cheap poster paints. I then sealed them with Dull Coat. I had issues here as the Dull Coat ran down the edges and stuck the disks to the box I was using to support them. I then had to go back and repair the damage to the edges where they were showing White Undercoat. I also took the opportunity to put some paint into the recesses as they seemed a bit too obvious in places. When I resealed them I put the disks on some Bottle tops and still needed to put coins under the small disks. Thankfully everything came out ok but wonder if they will get damaged with handling? The disks are not perfect but I am pretty pleased with them.

I would like to get some Union Flag versions of these Disks or maybe I should make up my own at some stage. I only have Dads Army or Early Commandos for the British at this stage so using the Allied Star seems a bit wrong.


  1. They look good. Thinking in terms of Dad's Army, perhaps Union Flag arrows would be more appropriate than disks?


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