Saturday, 27 October 2018

Charlie Foxtrot Garage

I finished this Garage a while ago but other things have gotten in the way of posting. I spent way too much time painting the roof in an attempt to match my 4Ground building, but alas it just kept getting darker. I should go out and buy some proper coloured roof paint rather than trying to mix it up myself. Its quite a nice little kit but I tried to add some extra detail in the way of a textured card to match my walls and some wooden detail around the roof section. I also made a gate for the walls using the damaged set of doors that come with the Garage. The floor was a happy accident when I put  some brown wash over the primer which looked horrible. I then resprayed it and then washed it with water and then put a wash over it. The can of paint is quite old so the texture turned out quite spotty.

I am working on other things at the moment and will probably get more of these buildings when I feel that I can fit them in to my painting queue.

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