Saturday, 1 December 2018

Goliath Gang - Necromunda

I bought the boxed set in January but had just put it aside until I felt I could devote some time to painting the figures properly. Little did I realise just how long these would take to paint. I spent the first week painting metallics as there is rather a lot of it. The second week was spent painting the three layers of red (which does not really show in the photos) and touching up the Metallics. I then spent two weeks painting everything else, and then did the bases last. There are three layers of flesh which again does not show in some of the photos. The Juves were converted from Catachans with 1mm added at the waist and knees. The guns come from a grot sprue that I had left over from years ago when I had an Ork Army. I don't ever want to paint another Goliath so won't be doing any ungraded models to show upgrades (if I ever play a game). I'm not really looking forward to painting the Eschers and have also a metal version of them to do.


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  1. Nicely done. Like that you recycled the juves from Catchacans.


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