Saturday, 14 September 2019

Mordheim Undead Gang

This Gang was quickly thrown together using mainly painted figures that have been painted for years. The Zombies were painted as I wanted to try out a few schemes for Zombie flesh before I tackled painting my Modern Zombie figures. It was also a group I'd always wanted to paint/convert anyway. They just needed a few touch ups and a few different washes. The Ghouls were done to flesh out my Modern Zombie horde quickly with a basic flesh tone, they only needed a wash for this Gang. The Dregs were painted as Zombies and only needed a head swap and a touch up. The Dire Wolf was part of my Frostgrave project and just needed the snow on the base Covering up. The Vampire was brand new in box which I had bought new in the shop decades ago. The only piece which I had to buy was the Necromancer which fitted in well with the other figures.

The theme for this was a little off the Wall. Unless you know much about New Zealand Politics it will go over your head. I had played around with a few ideas but coming up with suitable names to write down on the roster sheet was not happening until I came up with this theme. This is meant as a satirical take on our Government and not an attack.

First up the leader of the Gang Vampinda named after our PM. 
I really struggled to photograph the depth of the red on her dress.

Next up her Deputy, Winston. I really tried to come up with a clever name for him, but Winston just fits so well. He is the Darling of the retired sector of our Nation.

The pair together.

The Dregs (of Society) rent a Mob.
Hugh Givsa, Lilly the Pink, and Yorrick.
I followed a Woman down the road the other day who had Slagatha written on her top so I may rename Lilly that in future.

The Zombie Horde is a Coalition of the Undead, 
Basically the Coalition of the ruling parties. Greens, Labour and NZ First.

The Dire Wolf is called Grey Power after the retired communities power base.

The Ghouls are called "The Union of the Ghouls" no doubt after the Flesh of the fat ruling classes.

I am thinking of doing the opposition as a Midheimer Gang as they are the rich powerful ones?
Not sure I want to go spending money on them so see what I have in my pile first.

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