Saturday, 28 September 2019

Reality's Edge, Cyber Punk Rules

Oh so I have started something new, what a surprise?

Actually this is a logical progression for my Necromunda and Future Wars Collections.
I have fallen out of love with Necromunda and had stopped working on my Terrain for that as I really did not want to make everything I had collected rusty and wrecked looking. The idea was to get as many levels as possible but I did not want to have walkways with out any purpose like you see so often in some of the MDF setups for Necromunda.

 I had always been looking for a good set of rules for my Future Wars figures which I suppose is Cyber Punk anyway. So far I have been reading the book which seems quite straight forward and simple to use. I will need to paint up some new items for this but as I bought some Sci-fi Robots from a Kickstarter I won't need to buy much. Vehicles may be harder to find however.

The table I set up for Necromunda has been sitting idle for awhile while I struggled with ideas and enthusiasm. However with the new set of rules I started to add some Cyber Punk type items like Mantic Sci-Fi doors and then added some buildings. I also took away items which looked out of place. I then added a few figures and took some photos. Much of what you see is still a work in progress and not likely to be finished anytime soon. I think it would be difficult to go bigger than a 6x4 table as access to some areas would be impossible.

Maglev type trains


Power Station

Bloody Hippies

As myincubus asked, there are cut down Water Blasters as power plant type towers. The Maglev trains are tanks also from the cut down Water Blasters.

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  1. Nice, I got a copy too but haven’t had a chance to do much more than skim the book at this point! I love the tech towers in your scenery, are they cut down water pistols?


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