Saturday, 21 March 2020

Ancient British Celt Javelin Skirmishers

Since I had a half box of Warlord Celts and have not painted anything for this Army for about 6 years , I thought I'd practise painting some. These do not match my other figures in size or sculpting style so they may be just temporary place holders. The figures are meant to be adolescents so unless I can find something that fits the description these will have to do.

My photography skills suck today as I used the wrong settings but hopefully these will do for now.


  1. Very appropriate in the week that Uderzo died. Given the Gallic flavour to yours, are you going to have an Asterix and Obelix?

    1. Not at this stage as I am going for a British Army commanded by Boudica. These could be used for an Allied division under a Gallic General. Funny but I had the same conversation at the Club a few weeks ago.


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